Euromednet is an experienced medical e-services provider of Digital Health Management Solutions. As part of the Euromedica Group, one of the largest Primary and Secondary healthcare networks in Greece, Euromednet has developed web services & applications, both useful for doctors and patients. Part of its services portfolio include development of DICOM solutions for the industry, portals for interaction between patients and doctors, as well as several other IT solutions.


Patient Digital Onboarding:

Online onboarding is completely digitized. Patients do not have to visit a clinic if they do not want to, being able to register and have access to personal medical records and services with the same security and guarantee.

Patient Medical Record + appointment Applications:

As a healthcare provider you will make medical records to secure continuity of care of your patients. Applications can easily give access to patients remotely to their medical record and patients do not need to go to an office or call anymore.

LIS/HIS Web Services:

Integrate seamlessly and interchanging information at real time with

  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Laboratory analyzers
  • Other hospital infrastructure

Healthcare IT Management Solutions:

Ensure that operations in the entire healthcare sector are maintained seamlessly, focusing on sick and injured people.

Doctor Appointment Applications:

Search for the doctor you need, see doctor’s available hours, fill in your contact information, your reason of visit and you’re set!

Clinical Records Management/Services:

As technology and medicine practices have rapidly changed, so have medical records and its management. Today, more than 85% of physicians use electronic medical records (EMR) systems to manage physical records in a digital environment, with advances in diagnostics and analytical tools, there’s more patient information than ever.

Profile Management Solutions:

Profile management tools help admins keep track on users using healthcare cloud, migration and applications, discover all the modern solutions to help you advance in your profile management.

Integration Services for Patient Profile:

Select among a set of applications and utilities using modern designs and latest components and services for your patient profile